Who is Monk is King?

...and where did they come From?

Soaring through the colors and textures of jazz, fusion, funk, and rock, the Fayetteville AR based Monk is King are an explosive ride.  Serene and tranquil plateaus rise seamlessly to incendiary peaks, woven together by ever-present grooves and instantly singable melodies.  Shining brightly through, amidst so many styles, is a sound that is unquestionably their own.  Soulful, playful, energetic, and intelligent, it is a sound that you simply must see live.

Formed in the Summer of 2017 in Fayetteville, AR, and having established a dedicated following in Northwest and Central Arkansas, the four-piece is poised for success in the 2020 tour season.  Monk is King have shared the stage with the 1oz. Jig, Rachel Ammons (Tyrannosaurus Chicken), Goose, Groovement, and Deep Sequence.  Staples at the legendary George's Majestic Lounge, they have also performed at such noteworthy events as Fossil Cove's Frost Fest, and "The Unexpected Festival" in Fort Smith, AR.  


McCormick Carlson: Guitar/Vocals

Bill Smylie: Bass

Ashton McCquayle: Keyboard

Julius Kwanzaa: Drums/Vocals